Who is Copper Colorists Legacy

I call myself a generational artist. I have been blessed to be introduced to the most unique medium of 'Flame Painting' through my family. My father in-law is known as "The Father of Flame Painting". He was the first to create the technique we use to bring out the color and patterns in copper. I told him of my desire to carry on his art, and he and his wife have graciously taught me what took him 35 years to perfect. With their blessing and assistance, I have successfully branched out on my own to become a full time Flame Painter. So what is Flame Painting you ask? This is a unique art form where intricate patters and colors are created on copper without the use of paints or chemicals. The flame from an oxyacetylene torch makes the many colors by the number of times the heat is applied, how long it is applied, and whatever is in the air that day. Each piece, therefore is quite unique. The artwork is then finished with an acrylic urethane so that the colors are permanent. I love my work, even though there are some days I love it more than others. To take a blank sheet of copper, and turn it into something that someone loves enough to take home with them, is extremely rewarding. The possibilities of this particular art, are endless. Just about everyone I meet has an inspiring idea that can be done, and it is harder than you may think to choose what to work on each day. I did not come from what you would call an 'artistic' background. I don't have an art degree, or formal training. What I have is a love for creating, and working with my hands. I have a love for the family that supports me, every step of the way. The things I naturally have been blessed with, makeup for those things I do not. My journey with flame painting has not been a long one yet, but my wife grew up traveling with her dad doing this very thing. She now works full time as an information security engineer, but still contributes much of her time to my success. It took a leap of faith to give up my retail job for the uncertainty of being a full time artist. Its been one of the hardest, but also most rewarding "jobs" I've ever had.

I am currently creating my art in Ozark, MO. I have my work alongside my parents at their shop in Mt. View, AR at the Ozark Folk Center. I will also be traveling to Art shows at other venues around the country. The ability to travel and see so much of this wonderful country is just another reason to love being a full time artist. Seeing so many beautiful sights and meeting so many wonderful people is a huge perk to the job.

The challenges to being a full time artist are many, and it really is not for everyone, but I have been so blessed in this pursuit. I find fulfillment in having an artistic outlet, that none of my retail jobs ever provided. This is really what I love to do; create, and the medium of flame painting is open to endless creativity. I am not sure I can ever go back to doing anything else. I am thankful that with my Father and Mother in-law as an example, I can look forward to doing this for many years to come.

Phillip Cook

Artist/Owner Copper Colorists Legacy